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In the Covid era, crowd measurement is considered a great challenge as it is required almost everywhere, indoor and outdoor. We can see many systems have been introduced for indoor places (such as supermarkets, classrooms, workplaces) to count visitors by providing hardware and software-based solutions. These solutions are using a set of different technologies, including Infrared, Thermal Imaging, Video-Based, and others.

Estimating pedestrians’ locations is not an easy task, especially for open areas with 1) poor Global Positioning System (GPS) signal reception and/or 2) lack of infrastructure to install expensive solutions such as video-based systems.

Street furniture and crowd measurement

Street furniture assets such as…

Containers have become the core part of GCP Compute services. If you want to utilize the power of App Engine, Kubernetes Engine, and Cloud Run, you definitely need to know how to develop and deploy containers. This article does not explain how to register or deploy your container on GCP compute services because there are many documentations explaining that in detail.


The objective of this article is to help you to improve the development life cycle for java-based containers before deploying it on GCP. …

Mohamed Ali

Consultant at Servian (, acquired Ph.D., master and bachelor degrees in computer engineering.

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